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Cristina Leban

24 March 2017

Italian teacher and Physical Activities Coordinator, UWC Adriatic

Born in Gorizia, Cristina attended UWC Adriatic as a student in 1985-87. She graduated in Political Sciences, earned a PhD in Sociology at the University of Trieste and specialised in teaching Italian to foreigners at the University of Siena. She returned to Duino as a teacher in 1996 and became Physical Activities Coordinator in 2006. 


“It is a privilege to be part of the UWC Adriatic community. The College is my second home, and it has been a joy to teach Italian to such bright, talented and eager students. When they first arrive they barely know a few words but in just a few months they learn to use the language to communicate effectively. Being my students’ bridge towards such a beautiful language and helping them make the most of their two-year immersion in Italian culture has been and continues to be a most rewarding and fulfilling experience for me.”