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Nathaniel "Cece" Ovelar

10 July 2021

Primary Art Teacher

Having painted murals all around the world after coming from a background in Anthropology and Linguistics, Cece moved to Thailand in 2010 and worked as a street artist in Bangkok for eight years before moving to Phuket. He has painted walls in Nigeria, China, Spain, and Brazil among other places, and began his journey with UWC Thailand as an artist in residence, painting the large portrait on the secondary building and the long "DIVERSITY" wall on UWC Thailand's campus. He loves to learn and teach about cultures and traditions all over the world through art and is keen to share his passion with students and the wider community.


"Students can learn about different countries and cultures around the world and explore them using art. Through playing global games and engaging with maps and world trivia. Students can grow their cultural intelligence (CQ) and develop a diverse growth mindset."