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Sasa Santic 

27 November 2017

Head of Arts Department and Visual Arts Teacher, UWC Mostar

Academic painter and History of Art teacher, Sasa started teaching at UWC Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2006. Working as a part-time teacher in UWC Mostar and local Mostar Gimnazija Sasa sparked cooperation and worked on introducing modern and multilayered IB experience into the local curriculum. At UWC, the most challenging part was to work with students coming from conflict societies and countries. However, the experience of being a child during wartime helped to make bridges to those students and show them the only way to grow after desolation – education. That is, in a way, touching the core of UWC movement.


“Working at UWC Mostar and educating our students in multicultural ambient with strong emphasis on cultural exchange has transformed me as an artist as well. After being a local teacher and artist I started addressing global issues through my Art. For me it was the proof how we can learn from our students as much as we teach them and show them our experience of a lifelong learner.”