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Judit Dudás

27 March 2017

Sustainability Team Leader, Environmental Systems and Societies Teacher, UWC Red Cross Nordic

Judit’s route towards a better environment started with studies in Environmental and Landscape Management, MSc, at Szent István University and Marketing and Communication, BSc, at Budapest Business School. She had run an environmental consultant business for years, when she decided to try something new. In 2012, she brought her family and her expertise to UWC Red Cross Nordic. Judit became a house mentor for 40 students and, after analysing local needs, created a new position as a Sustainability Team Leader. In addition to this, Judit teaches Environmental Systems and Societies.

From dealing with industrial companies, municipalities and national organisations, Judit now have to approach environmental issues in a new way: 100 new students arrive every year, some of which have never been challenged on environmental sustainability. By the means of practical, everyday tasks and by developing events and arenas for communication, Judit aims to teach environmental awareness among students and staff.


“I am really proud that we have become a local knowledge centre for global issues. People and institutions in the area know about us and use us.”