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Jay Anne Segovia

27 March 2017

Learning Support Teaching Assistant, UWC Thailand

Jay Anne is from Davao City in the Philippines. She graduated from Holy Cross in 2005 with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, and has earned units for a Masters in Childhood Education. She has mostly worked with children in Early Childhood and Preschool and has been at UWC Thailand for 2 years.


“I am so grateful for the experiences I am having in this school. Students can be challenging at times but as teachers, we must be role models to them. In imparting knowledge to the students, they must instill learning not just in their minds but most importantly in their hearts. As the saying goes: ‘The mind forgets but the heart always remembers’. I also believe that when we teach them, we also include the values to shape them to become a better person who has a heart to help, respect to others and be confident of themselves.”